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Cancer tests

At RGCC, we offer a whole suite of advanced diagnostic tests to help:

• Produce personalized patient profiles for cancer treatment
• Detect early signs of developing cancer
• Monitor existing cancers
• Follow-up monitoring for possible cancer metastasis

Our tests reveal personalized and granular levels of detail for patients and their specialists on the type of therapeutic drugs and natural substances that can be used to achieve the best outcomes for cancer treatment.

Our tests use our innovative liquid biopsy technique, which uses a blood sample from the patient to carry out analyses. 

CTC tests

Our CTC tests - OncoTrace, OncoTrail, and OncoCount - are tools for monitoring the efficacy and progress of cancer treatment for patients.

Just like the body sheds hair and skin cells, a cancerous tumor sheds cells throughout its lifespan.

These cells are called circulating tumor cells (CTCs), and they can be detected in the bloodstream. Therefore, when a blood sample is analyzed for cancer diagnosis, the test will take a measure of the presence of CTCs. 

The CTC tests return a variety of valuable information that helps follow up on how a patient’s body responds to cancer treatment. These tests also help in the early detection of cancer recurrence.

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Onconomics panels

Our Onconomics panels provide deeper insight into the possible treatment options that are likely to work best on your cancer.

The tests check how well various types of anti-cancer drugs and natural substances work to kill cancer cells in individual patients. These tests also include genetic detailing on the cancer cells to let you know how gene expressions and physiological expressions manifest in a cancer patient’s body.

The results of these tests are individualized for each patient since they show how the cancer in your body reacts to each drug or natural substance.

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Additional advanced diagnostic tests

In addition to the CTC tests and the Onconomics panels, we also offer a variety of tests that study the genetic makeup of cancer cells. 

Our tests help equip patients and their practitioners with information that can help guide the best treatment choices for each patient. These tests offer advanced diagnostic capabilities that can assess patients’ immune systems, identify chromosomal abnormalities, and prepare for the possibility of cancer metastasis.

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Access cutting-edge cancer diagnostic tests

Our scientists use cutting-edge technology, equipment, and innovative techniques to develop a range of cancer screening and monitoring tests. Our tests help cancer patients and their healthcare professionals get a comprehensive but personalized view of each patient’s genetics, physiology, and immune profiles.

We believe this level of detail is crucial in developing an individualized care plan for every patient struggling with cancer. We aim to provide a unique insight into every patient’s cancer biology to empower them about what treatment modalities are ideal for bringing them success in their cancer journey!

Reach out to us to start your journey to empowering information for your cancer treatment today by contacting us online.

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