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Onco-D-clare test

Our newest Onco-D-clare test takes a proactive step towards early cancer detection and your informed well-being. This test is uniquely tailored for people without symptoms but with a desire for early intervention.

With the ease of a simple blood draw, you can now detect cancer long before any symptoms emerge. Onco-D-clare opens an early door to personalized health insights.

Onco-D-clare analyzes the details of your gene expressions by combining gene expression analysis and machine learning algorithms.

Onco-D-clare test


The Onco-D-clare test goes beyond traditional screening, aiming to detect cancer at its earliest stages. This revolutionary screening test goes beyond established norms, comprehensively analyzing your cancer risk even before your body shows any signs.

Early cancer detection allows for proactive management, increasing the chances of successful intervention and treatment. With over 90 genes analyzed as part of the Onco-D-clare test, it generates a comprehensive gene expression profile, empowering you with detailed information for informed decision-making.

What to expect with the Onco-D-clare test

The Onco-D-clare test begins with a simple blood draw, which is an efficient way to start your cancer screening process. This test acts as a proactive measure, providing personalized screening for those who seek to stay ahead of potential health challenges. 

The Onco-D-clare test is designed as an early screening test for patients who do not have a cancer diagnosis but may want to stay informed about their risk. This is especially useful for those who have a family history of cancer or other risk factors.

The Onco-D-clare test has shown remarkable reliability of results. It has been clinically validated with an approximate accuracy of 93%, ensuring that its insights are rooted in precision and scientific rigor.

When it comes to cancer care, knowledge is a powerful tool. The Onco-D-clare test empowers you with knowledge by offering a nuanced understanding of your cancer risk and the means to chart a proactive course toward a healthier future.

Blood draw results are usually available in 7-10 days, making this advanced cancer screening test accessible, efficient, and affordable. 

All our accredited practitioners and clinicians understand our shipping instructions and ensure the sample arrives in perfect condition. 

Price in Euros: EUR 800

* Prices in $USD vary slightly based on the exchange rate on the day the test is ordered.
** These prices do not include in-office fees such as consultation, blood draws, IV administration, etc.

View an Onco-D-clare test result sample

To know what to expect from the test results, view a sample Onco-D-clare test result here.

Accessing the results

Your sample will be processed at our state-of-the-art laboratory in Greece. Once the test is completed, we will provide a detailed breakdown of our findings. The results are sent to your accredited practitioner, who downloads the results and sets up an appointment with you to go over the results.

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Our scientists use world-leading technology, equipment, and innovative techniques to develop a range of cancer screening and monitoring tests. Knowledge is empowerment, especially when it comes to your health. 

Our early cancer screening tests provide a comprehensive understanding of your cancer risk even before symptoms emerge. This information helps you make informed decisions about your well-being. 

Contact us online for this proactive step today and help pave the way for a healthier and more empowered tomorrow. 

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