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OncoCount test

The OncoCount test checks for the presence of circulating tumor cells (CTC) and measures their concentration in a blood sample. It is an important biomarker that checks for the presence of cancer in the body.

Purpose of the OncoCount test

The OncoCount test is used as part of the interim monitoring mechanism to check for the efficacy of your cancer treatment. It can be used to detect the presence or recurrence of all types of cancers except those originating in the central nervous system.

Once cancer treatment has begun, we advise patients to use the OncoCount test for interim monitoring to check how their treatment is working.

If the OncoCount result shows high CTC numbers, it can mean the treatment has been ineffective, and a change is necessary. On the other hand, a substantially lower CTC count will mean that the treatment has been effective in reducing the tumor, and treatment protocols can continue.

Additionally, in cases where the reduction in the CTC count is less than expected, it can mean that the treatment needs some fine-tuning. Also, additional therapies can be added to modify your treatment plan.

We offer a whole host of additional CTC tests for more specific monitoring for treatment effectiveness and early detection in case of recurring cancer. 

We recommend that patients retake monitoring tests, such as OncoCount, every 3 months as long as the cancer is active to assess the effectiveness of the treatment protocol. The monitoring can change to every 6 months once patients go into full remission and the first 2-3 follow-up tests show the condition as stable.

What to expect with the OncoCount test
The OncoCount test is designed as a follow-up test for patients who have cancer and want to assess the continued positive outcome from their current treatment protocols. Clinicians can use OncoCount results to assess the effectiveness of cancer treatment and whether cancer is returning (for those in remission). The OncoCount test is performed using a liquid biopsy. Patients provide us with their blood samples, and no surgery or tissue biopsy is needed. The sample is then shipped to our laboratory in Greece for analysis. Please note that if a patient is undergoing cancer treatment, we recommend waiting 7 to 21 days or more after chemotherapy to take the test. All our accredited practitioners and clinicians understand our shipping instructions and ensure the sample arrives in perfect condition.

Price in Euros: EUR 700

* Prices in $USD vary slightly based on the exchange rate on the day the test is ordered.
** These prices do not include in-office fees such as consultation, blood draws, IV administration, etc.

View a sample OncoCount result

To know what to expect from the test results, view a sample OncoCount test result here.

Accessing the results

Your sample will be processed at our state-of-the-art laboratory in Greece. Once the test is completed, we will provide a detailed breakdown of our findings. The results are sent to your accredited practitioner, who downloads the results and sets up an appointment with you to go over the results.

We recommend that you also discuss the results with your cancer care team and work together to develop a personalized treatment plan based on our findings.

Components of your blood sample may be stored for up to six months and can be used to create SOTs specific to your body. However, all other types of testing will require new blood samples.

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